Tips on How to send large files over email

Thanks to modern technological advances, keeping in touch with loved ones, applying for jobs, or communicating with someone in another part of the country or world has never been easier. This form of communication is possible through an email. However, there are times when sending attachment or file can become harder if the size is too large. Following below is a list of tips when wanting to know How to send large files over email.

Sending Large Files

Sending a large file is dependent upon which email platform is used. For example, for those who use Gmail, anything larger than 25 MB will not be able to be sent via email. However, shrinking the file can avoid getting the dreaded message that explains the file is too large to send.

  • Zip. Zipping the file is perfect for when needing to compress it. This allows for the file to still be sent but it is done in a smaller form. For many computers, the directions to zip the file are the same. Simply right click on the file and select Compress. Doing so creates a new file on the desktop with a .zip extension. After the file has been created, attach it within the email and it is good to go.
  • Drive. Those who use Gmail may be familiar with sending large files through Google Drive. When a drive is selected, the file is sent via that route rather than being included in the email. It is important to remember to adjust the settings on the email so that the contact can access the file.
  • Drop. Another way to send a large file is by dropping an email through Mail Drop or Dropbox. Dropping allows an individual to share extremely large files similar to the way one would if they were using a drive option.

When sending large files through an email, it is important to rely on specialized, secure transfer tools and cloud storage. This allows the files to be transferred securely to the recipient without interruption. It is also important to remember that emails travel through many different servers. Be sure to verify what email the recipient uses so that you can send the email to them in the correct form without any hassle.